Looking For Tips On How To Repair Your Windshield In McAllen Texas?

I believe that many of you have encountered the situation where the windshield is smashed, whether it is smashed by oncoming objects on the highway or smashed by a high-altitude parabola, it is unbearable, the windshield is Like the window to the soul of a car, who wants to have a flawed soul?

And if this happens to you, don't rush to the store to repair or change the windshield unless you are going to Fix-A-Crack for windshield repair McAllen Tx. The car guy is here to save you money again. That's right, it's possible to fix it yourself. If the smashing injury you encounter is not serious, just a small pit like the picture above, then take action. At this point you'll need a towel, alcohol, thumbtacks, and a windshield repair kit.

Let's start with the repair steps:

Step 1: Soak a towel with alcohol and clean the damaged part.

Step 2: Put a piece of colored paper behind the damaged part for easy observation. Use a thumbtack to pick out the glass residue on the damaged part to ensure that there is no residue left.

Step 3: Take out the positioning ring from the repair kit and stick it on the damaged part. Peel off the tape surface on the positioning ring and stick the deflector on.

Step 4: Cut the repair fluid in the set and introduce three-quarters of it into the guide tube.

Step 5: Insert the syringe in the set into the guide tube, pull the syringe up to the end to remove the air inside, and then let it stand for ten minutes.

Step 6: After ten minutes, lightly tap the glass with your hands around the damaged area, so that the repair solution can penetrate smoothly. At this point you can see from the inside that the repair fluid is seeping into the breakage.

Step 7: Pull out the syringe, let the air in, then insert the syringe back, and press down the syringe to pressurize it until it can no longer be pressed, and there is no need to press it all the way. Let stand for another 20 minutes.

Step 8: After 20 minutes, pull out the syringe, use a blade to pick up the exposed part of the bottom gasket, and then remove it together with the guide tube.

Step 9: After removing, drop another drop of repairing agent on the damaged area. Then put the yellow square clear plastic block from the set on it and scrape the surface with a razor blade to spread the repair agent. Let the plastic block sit like this for 15 minutes in the sun, or 1 hour in the absence of sunlight.

Step 10: After standing, use a blade to pick up the plastic sheet, and then scrape off the excess repair agent on the surface of the windshield. Done!

The following is a comparison of before and after repairs:

At this point, the windshield repair is almost complete. Surprised or not? Are you surprised?

If your glass is seriously damaged or you are too lazy to do it yourself, then you can choose to go to the store to do it, after all, the store is professional. Generally, if you go to the store to repair it, they will use more professional electronic equipment to fix it for you (as shown in the figure below), which is not as complicated as doing it yourself in terms of operability. But the principle is the same as the do-it-yourself principle, which is filled with resin. But if the glass crack is too big, it has to be replaced as a whole! So it's cheap, you can practice auto repair skills, and you can do it yourself. The picture is convenient and easy, go to the store.

Don't be afraid of the problem with the car, try to solve it yourself if you can solve it yourself. Be an ambitious and ideal person. Let us all progress together!